My Puppy Page (ForeverRememberLife's Website)
I uploaded a few new images to the Art Gallery. Later on, when I got the time, I'll upload more artwork from using the program GIMP.
Have a great one!
This would mean no updates, new pages, new pages, etc.
Have a great one!
Does this sound like a good idea? This page will lead you to adopting pets by using their image links. Give me your opinion and thoughts here. Thanks. :)
I want to give my cousin a special gift on Christmas for the death of her 6 year old dog named Tad (sounds like Tod). I am sorry to hear the news of this because dogs are my favorite animals. Losing a long lasting pet is like losing a brother or a sister. Tad is a very energetic dog that just wants to play and have fun. He learns pretty well but sometimes bark at strangers. He is a Shepherd mix and is black all over, has a white chest, brown near his eyes & his legs, and a short tail. My cousin loved him so much but wishes he would stay with her forever. I will also miss Tad because it was fun seeing and meeting him. I am grateful that Tad will live a new good life in the future. Who knows where's he going.
I just turned 16 today! :)
I can't believe it's already snowing here in Washington, the snow is falling down across the border. Some schools are closed today and might as well close tomorrow if it keeps falling. I'm glad that people left early for school so we can enjoy the day, playing in the snow. Anyways, have a nice day!
I just updated my website today and added new 6 flash games. I also added images linked to each game. If you like this idea with the pictures, post those comments here. Later on, I will be adding more games. Anyways, have a nice day!
I have the mood to bring the website back and add more nice stuff to it. If I do have the time provided, then I am certain to be updating this website frequently. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day! :)