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I want to give my cousin a special gift on Christmas for the death of her 6 year old dog named Tad (sounds like Tod). I am sorry to hear the news of this because dogs are my favorite animals. Losing a long lasting pet is like losing a brother or a sister. Tad is a very energetic dog that just wants to play and have fun. He learns pretty well but sometimes bark at strangers. He is a Shepherd mix and is black all over, has a white chest, brown near his eyes & his legs, and a short tail. My cousin loved him so much but wishes he would stay with her forever. I will also miss Tad because it was fun seeing and meeting him. I am grateful that Tad will live a new good life in the future. Who knows where's he going.
5/13/2011 01:09:14 pm

I am so sorry to hear that tad has died and many of my rabbits have passed away so i know what it feels like.And it must be verry sad if dogs are your favourite animals and thier mine to


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