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    Sorry everyone, I don't know if I'm going to keep updating this site because I'm getting older. At the point when you're in high school, you can become busier with work. Thank you for reading! Hope you guys at least through the pages above. Thanks! 5/21/11

My Puppy Page is now a personal website belonging to ForeverRememberLife. This website includes animals such as dogs and chickens. It also features flash games, multimedia, and art. I hope you feel welcome to our website. That is all, have fun!
Last Updated 6/12/11

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hi! Owner of My Puppy Page here! Right now I will be busy studying and doing homework since I am in High School now. If I have anytime available, I will keep making updates to this website. Anyways if you are a fan of this website, you can keep coming to it either a lot or a little. Hope you guys have fun in school!

Updated Status
UPLOADED NEW PICTURES! | Updated 6/12/11
NEW ARTICLE! [Back to School] | Updated 11/18/10
NEW FLASH GAMES! | Updated 11/20/10
NEW CHICKEN GAMES! | Updated 11/21/10
NEW VIDEOS! | Updated 12/5/10
NEW PICTURES! | Updated 12/10/10
THEME CHANGED W/ HEADER! | Updated 12/19/10
ADDED AN ADOPTION PAGE! | Updated 12/20/10
ADDED A FORUM PAGE! | Updated 1/22/11
ADDED A STORY! | Updated 2/11/11
FIXED STORY FILE! | Updated 2/20/11

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NOTE: If you want instant feedback for questions, go to the news page and post it there. I will try to reply as soon as I can. I will only reply if the questions seem reasonable for an answer.
Summer Article
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Go Green Article
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Back to School Article
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