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Max the wonder dog!
Made in MS Paint
Team Member: Growlithe
Nickname: Max
Type: Fire
Species: Puppy Pokemon
Info: Max was before, a human, and has a brave soul within him. Max struggles to find out the truth of what he is, and why is was brought here, in the Pokemon World. He is not scared to fight back and will attack if needed. Ho-oh, a guided spirit, also talks to him in his dreams.
The Quickster
Made in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Team Member: Tailow
Nickname: Flutter
Type: Normal/Flying
Species: Tiny Pokemon
Info: Flutter is a quick and confident Pokemon. He has a "fun" personality and is a great Pokemon to hang out. He sticks with Max and calls him his best friend. He is a person who doesn't give up and is challenged by many missions that the rescue team do.
Weak, but friendly.
Made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 |>.< (Flat face Eevee)
Team Member: Eevee
Nickname: Eevee
Type: Normal
Species: Evolution Pokemon
Info: Eevee has a friendly personaility and is friendly. She can also be fearful with some big Pokemon. She joined the rescue team after be saved from Entei. She enjoys being a rescue team member but dislikes fighting.
One brave chicken!
Team Member: Torchic
Nickname: Torchic
Type: Fire
Species: Chick Pokemon
Info: Torchic is a person who likes to fight but is also fearful of ghost Pokemon. When he was young, ghost Pokemon scared him to death because they teased him. Torchic is also brave like Max and fights "riskily" against strong Pokemon.


Name: Shuppet
Nickname: Shuppet
Type: Ghost
Info: Shuppet is a friend of Gengar and works for him secretly.
Evil Dude
Made in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Name: Gengar
Nickname: Gengar
Type: Ghost/Poison
Species: Gas Pokemon
Info: Gengar used to work for Honchkrow, to create nightmares for Max, but now he decided to do something much more destructive to the Pokemon World.

Other Characters

Guardian of Fire
Found in Google
Side Character: Ho-oh
Nickname: Ho-oh
Type: Fire/Flying
Species: Ho-oh
Info: Ho-oh is a guardian which seeks for the chosen one, to revive the destruction of the Pokemon world.
Lonely and a bit selfish.
Made in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Name: Honckrow
Nickname: Honchkrow
Type: Dark/Flying
Info: With an uncaring nature personality, Honchkrow was cursed to become a Pokemon after betraying his loyal partner, Grovyle.
A helper in need.
Made in Adobe Photoshop CS5
Name: Shaymin
Nickname: Shaymin
Type: Grass/Flying
Info: Shaymin is very sweet and friendly to Pokemon he meet. He is willing to help anyone with missions and cares for them if they are injured. He lives in Flower Paradise with other grass Pokemon and treat them kindly with respect.

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