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Title: Adventure into the Wild

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy

About: Long ago, dogs used to live with their companions until one day something happened to them. They were sent away to another world and became strays. Sooner or later after being away from their owners, they are became wild. Now they live against each other and fought until death is once commited. Since other dogs want peace, they come among each other and create themselves a pack, which are a group of dogs. Once reunited with new friends and pack members, they protect each other out of danger from the evil dogs that lurk above from the UnderWorld.
Living with his owner when he was a puppy, Ginger, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was abandoned by his owner from being sent to the forest by a dog that came above from the UnderWorld. Without harm, the dog gently placed him down on the ground and left out of sight. As Ginger grow older, he was a loner, with no pack to join in. He ate hunted for food on his own and did things that dogs do. He came out of the forest and spotted a Dog Gang out in the streets. There, among the gang was a Labrador Retriever named Thumper who seemed to be a high tempered dog. Ginger quickly ran back to the forest and accidently bumped into another dog, bigger than him. It was a German Shepherd named Jordan. He had calm and bored looking eyes as he stared at Ginger. Ginger apoligized for that incident and started to walk off until Jordan distracted him. He looked back surprised and waited patiently. Jordan befriended Ginger as they got into a long conversation until suddenly a bark were coming right towards them. Another harmless dog was running in a hurry towards them. It was Suzie, a Golden Retriever. Puzzled, they looked behind them. They saw two strange dogs running towards them. Those dogs were barking and chasing away Suzie. Ginger and Jordan followed along Suzie through her tracks and it was clear that the strange dogs had disappeared when they were about to attack. They stayed in one place and began to talk about why Suzie was running. She told them and they felt worried if the attack encounter again. Later on Thumper was walking in depression around the streets after the gang put him off the gang group for being so jealous about what they speak of. Ginger made friends with him as he saw him walked lonely past them. Jordan decided to make a pack. All the dogs agreed and yet they protected each other against any other mean dog packs or any dogs disturbing them at no caution.